dsc_8995Another day at the office, or in this case, the Muay Thai ring as Ritt scored his 7th straight win by KO on Ko Phi Phi island stadium on december 19, 2008. Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp guest relations manager took a small group of guests and fighters for an overnight adventure trip and fight night. Ritt scored a 3rd round Ko and was cornered by Nazee who saw an opening in the former champions guard and Ritt’s poweful Muay Thai left hook took care of the rest.

Yohan scores knee strike against "Local" Phi Phi Muay Thai Fighter

Also fighting on Ko Phi Phi was Yohan 2-0, but at the last minute his opponent, supposed to be a foreigner from a local camp, was changed and Yohan was faced up against a experienced Muay Thai fighter that outweighed him by 30+ kilo.

Yohan accepted the fight and seemed to give the big island fighter all he was worth for five full rounds, as Yohan attacked with every Muay Thai technique he has learned in his 2 months at Tiger Muay Thai. But the judges, must have been looking the other way during the fight because the “local island fighter” was handed the win. Controversial decision, especially with the 30+ kg advantage for thr the “local” island fighter.