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Peter aka “Thai Hulk” competes in Mr. Thailand Contest April 4-5, Chiang Rai


mr-thailand-posterTiger Muay Thai and and MMA training camp weight-lifting and nutritionist instructor, Peter, aka, “Thai Hulk” will compete in the annual Mr. Thailand Bodybuiling competition to be held in Chiang Rai on April 4-5.

Peter will be gone from Tiger Muay Thai for 5 days for the competition.

He has been training hard the last month with guests lifting and cutting weight to compete at the 70 kg level.

The event is sponsored by Musashi Protein and products and TBBA (Thailand Body Building Association) along with “Thai Body”.

Peter has competed in the event for several years and Mr. Asia and Toyota Strongman Competitions.

Congratulations and Good Luck to the “Hulk”

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