Sat. 4th Sep. 2021

Our classes back in full swing under the Thai government’s new “Living With Covid”strategy!

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Our classes are back in full swing, with sparring, grappling and partner work all allowed again under the Thai government’s new "Living With Covid" strategy! Book a camp with us today! [gallery link="file"...
Tue. 31st Aug. 2021

All our martial arts classes are back running normally from tomorrow!

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All our martial arts classes are back running normally from tomorrow, 1st of September! Following the latest order from the Phuket government, we have been given the go ahead to resume normal contact training from September 1st. This means padwork, sparring, partner drills etc will be back...
Sun. 29th Aug. 2021

Shots from our 9:30am Combat Strength & Conditioning Class

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Snapshots from the 9:30am Combat Strength & Conditioning class here at Tiger Muay Thai The class is non-contact, using training methods to increase strength, speed, power, endurance and energy system conditioning, with the aim to prepare the participants for the physical demands that combat...
Tue. 17th Aug. 2021

Some action from todays Cross-Training Fitness class

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Shots from the 3pm Cross-Training class led by coaches @hollylohmeyer and @sand7023 The focus of these classes is upon traditional weight training exercises, as well as utilizing the most up-to-date functional training equipment. Cross-Training consists of constantly varied, high intensity,...
Mon. 16th Aug. 2021

Contact classes temporary restriction with social distancing extended to 1st Sep.

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Due to the Phuket local government having extended their restrictions on contact sports, our Muay Thai, boxing and traditional Thai martial arts sessions will be remaining socially distanced, focusing on fitness (utilizing bag work, shadowboxing etc) until August 31st. Our Combat Strength &...
Tue. 10th Aug. 2021

Congrats to TMT FIghter Rafael Fiziev for his victory & Fight of the Night Bonus at UFC 265

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Tiger Muay Thai fighter Rafael Fiziev extends his win streak to 4 in a row after a great stand up battle with Bobby Green at UFC 265. And for his performance picking up the 50,000 USD "Fight Of The Night"...