Tue. 7th Jun. 2022

Snapshots of Zhang Mingyang’s TMT Training Camp in preparation for “Road To UFC”

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Currently riding an 8 fight win streak with all wins coming via stoppage! Snapshots of Zhang Mingyang’s training camp here at Tiger Muay Thai over the past couple of months, as he put in the hard work with our team to prepare for his fight at Road To UFC coming up in Singapore this...
Wed. 1st Jun. 2022

Now even easier to travel to Tiger Muay Thai and train!

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It’s now even easier to travel here and train with us here in Phuket, Thailand! From today, only a few essential pieces of information are required from international travelers in order to obtain a "Thailand Pass" QR code. Please visit https://tp.consular.go.th/en/plan for more information...
Sun. 29th May. 2022

TMT Fighter Vero Nika victorious at Thai Fight Nakhon Sawan tonight!

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Vero retains her no.1 spot in the WMO World Muay Thai Organization world bantamweight rankings Congratulations to Tiger Muay Thai fighter Vero Nika on defeating Angela Chang under Kard Chuek rules at Thai Fight Nakhon Sawan...
Thu. 26th May. 2022

Snapshots from the evening BJJ Gi class here at TMT

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Snapshots from the evening gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class here at Tiger Muay Thai Taught by black belt Joseph Henle, our BJJ Gi Classes run every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 6pm. Classes cover a wide array of techniques such as takedowns, ground transitions, submission locks and chokes....
Tue. 24th May. 2022

Peter Forneck teaches the Seated Kettlebell Press in the 12:30PM Ambush All Strength Class

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Coach Peter Forneck teaches the Seated Kettlebell Press in the 12:30pm Ambush All Strength Class here at Tiger Muay Thai. This class is designed to make you stronger by taking the best exercises in barbell, dumbbell and kettlebell training and organizing them in a smart program suitable for...
Fri. 20th May. 2022

Snapshots from TMT fighters Amir Naseri & Denis Puric preparing for their ONE Championship Fights

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Amir Naseri and Denis Puric have put in to prepare for their big fights coming up tomorrow night at ONE Championship for their big fights at ONE Championship Snapshots of the hard training that Tiger Muay Thai fighters Amir Naseri and Denis Puric have put in to prepare for their big fights...