They say controversy will sell a fight. Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp Phuket, Thailand fighter Muhsin Corbbrey a veteran of the WEC and Elite XC promotions faced Australia’s number 2 ranked LW Adrian Pang as the number 1 contender for the CFC promotion. The bout will be aired on an upcoming FOX Sports broadcast throughout Australia and ended in controversy.

Originally being declared a DRAW on the score cards, the official score cards were reviewed and 72 hours after Muhsin Corbbrey left Australia the bout was reversed as a SPLIT DECISION win for Pang.

Feeling that he was not given the win, because of biased home town judges, Muhsin would like a rematch and has offered an additional 1,000$ in the event of a loss to Pang’s camp. The first bout won CFC 17 Fight Of The Night honors and was an amazing display of skill.

The fans want to see Adrian Pang Vs. Muhsin Corbbrey 2.

Muhsin wants to get back into the ring and entertain the fans. The only question remaining is if Adrian Pang will give Muhsin Corbbrey a rematch.

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