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Muay Thai Angel Jade Sirisompan at Tiger Muay Thai


Muay Thai Angel Jade Sirisompan at Tiger Muay Thai

Jade Sirisompan has been fighting Muay Thai professionally for two and a half years. Sirisompan has had had 13 fights with 9-3-1 record. Sirisompan has fought Muay Thai in England, Thailand and Malaysia.

Her Father (Master Woody) owns Luktupfah Muay Thai gym and is President of Kru Muay Thai Association and WMF PRO Association and promoter of MBK Fight Night.
Sirisompan will be working on an upcoming show called, “Muay Thai Angels” or “Sudsuay Muay Thai” as its Thai name.

It is a female Thai fighter promotion to which this year will be having a tournament with 16 female fighters from 15 different Nations (2 Thais).

Sirisompan will not be fighting as she doesn’t reach the weight category, but will be helping with some of the behind the scenes work,including some of the public relations and promotions aspects of the show.

Produced by Jeff Sainlar

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