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MMA Phuket’s Claire Haigh awarded with a controversial DRAW during MMA bout in China


Already a 3x World Champion in Muay Thai, Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Phuket star Claire Haigh has been dabbling her hand in the sport of MMA. A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt and currently Undefeated as a professional in Mixed Martial Arts competition, Claire Haigh is ranked top 20 in the world for female MMA fighters competing at 135lbs.

Heading to Beijing China as a member of Ole Laursen’s International Team Legacy gym, Claire was cornered by Malik Mawlayi for her fight against Chinese Superstar and Film personality Tang Jin.

The bout originally scheduled for 3 rounds, was ruled a DRAW following the completion of round 2. Disappointed with the ruling, Claire dealt with a ‘stacked deck’ the entire night as she competed against her Chinese National opponent. Watching the bout stopped during round 2 for the doctors to ‘work on’ a bloody cut, Claire felt she was ahead on the score cards heading into a third and final round. Feeling the momentum of the fight in her favor, she was disappointed when the promotion unexpectedly stopped the fight in between rounds ruling the bout a DRAW.

Expect Claire Haigh to continue competing in MMA as she looks to establish herself as one of the best Combat Sports Athletes in Asia.

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