The Strong Silent Type @TigerMuayThai Training Camp, Phuket, Thailand

Humble and unassuming, Andreas Birgels of Germany seems like the type who speaks quietly but carries a big stick. His soft-spoken nature makes it difficult to tell that this MMA fighter is actually the sparring partner of choice for the Enomoto brothers – Yasubey and Felipe. He is currently helping Felipe prepare for his Feb. 11th One FC fight against Ole Lauren.

Birgels is so respectful of the fighting abilities of the Enomotos that it’s hard to shift the conversation to his own achievements. The fighter is also at TMT for a month to further his skills for a Feb. 4th eight man Superior Fighting Championship belt tournament.

“I would fight just to fight,” explains the 27 year-old, who has a 3-3 record after starting to fight professionally three years ago. “I fell in-love with it when I started karate 10 years ago and it’s never gone away.”

With that he shrugs his shoulders as if to imply there isn’t much more to his story, before adding, “I want to thank Tiger Muay Thai for letting me train here. It’s the perfect place.”