Patong Boxing Stadium was the sight of an in-ring war between two foreigners who showed guts, but only one walked away with glory.

New Zealander Kairin Moses, making his second appearance in a professional Muay Thai fight for Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp in Phuket, Thailand, squared up against Frenchman Francois Yant Monday night. The bout did not disappoint.

Both fighters came into the fight with the same level of professional experience, going punch-for-punch for most of the five rounds. Moses ate plenty of kicks and punches early on, but conserved his energy for the later rounds.

The aggression amped up in the second round after Moses and Yant got into a brief but vicious boxing exchange. By the third round, Moses knew he had to land several elbows and knees to gain the judge’s favor. He took control of the fight elbows and working on Yant’s right leg, which clearly affected the 28 year-old.

In the fourth round, Moses came out swinging, showing much of the boxing skills taught by TMT trainer Songkram. He landed several elbows as well and dominated out of the clinch landing several elbows. Moses took his time in the fifth round but finished strong, eventually winning by decision.

Later in the night, TMT’s Rafael Pinto squared up against rival Radompol of Thailand, in a highly anticipated third fight. The series between the two fighters was split and Monday night’s fight would serve as the tie breaker in which Radompol was given the victory after going all five rounds.

Still, Pinto, a 29 year-old fighter and trainer at TMT, landed several devastating head kicks and elbows. The two fighters put on one of the best fights of the night. The fourth round saw Pinto get taken to the ground twice, which seemed to have swayed the judges.