Tiger Muay Thai guest Johnathan Chan recently spent 6months training at Tiger MuayThai. Returning home to New Zealand he stopped off in Australia to compete in the Semi-Pro MMA event known as
“KO 9-MMA Mayhem”
The event was held in Shepperden Australia. Ahead on the score cards after two rounds, he suffered a career ending headkick, which lead to him losing via RNC. Immediately following the fight a noticeable indention in his forehead warranted an ambulance ride to Melbourne for treatment for a decompression fracture of his skull.
Fighting for 100$, Johnathan is going to be without a paycheck during his rehab. After a lengthy stay at TMT his savings was depleted, and while the Australian government provides health insurance he will be still be in debt several thousand dollars for the Ambulance ride.
As a favor to a friend in need TMT has put together a raffle to help raise money for Johnathan during his time in need. A minimum donation of 200THB (No maximum) will get you a ticket in the raffle.

Items being raffled off include

*Autographed WEC gloves by Muhsin Corbbrey
*MMA private with BJJ Black Belt Ray Elbe
*MMA Private with Martial Combat veteran Wiktor Svennson
*TMT T-shirts
* 1 Week Free Training
* 1 week free meal plan
* 5 Private Muay Thai Lessons

To make your donation, and get your raffle tickets please see the TMT Office Staff. *Note: a minimum donation of 200THB is being requested, but amount can be given*…100% of all money earned will be given to Johnathan Chan during his time of need. Raffle will be held July 26th.