Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp Phuket, Thailand pride ourselves with our gym cleanliness and diligence to keep a clean and bacteria free gym from staff cleaning training areas before each session spraying equipment, bags, rings, etc down with handsprayers with Dettol to offering hygiene advice to all our guests that train with us, and even putting alcohol based hand sanitizer on rings for guests to use, and our super-cleaning Saturdays where the entire training areas are wash, scrubbed, and power washed with cleaning solutions, but no matter how diligent the gym can be staph is still spread through skin-to-skin contact. A recent article on Sherdog.com discusses the issue of Staph and the changing virus and how it is spreading throughout the sports world today and how it can be prevented. Please be responsible and protect yourself and other training partners by following through with good hygiene for prevention.

Understanding Staph and Prevention: By Matt Pitt is a physician with degrees in biophysics and medicine. He is board-certified in emergency medicine and has post-graduate training in head injuries and multi-system trauma.