German SuperMode;s Miariam and Marina joined Kru Robert and WMC World Champion Namphon for a Photo shoot for German TV and Magazines for the “Miss “Underwater / Sport” Beauty Contest.” The two German supermodels joined Tiger Muay Thai after training for “personal workout” with Kru Robert and Kru Namphon taught the girls Muay Thai and the Supermodels taught the Tiger Muay Thai trainers how to look good for the camera. As much fun as for sport, the two beautiful supermodels went through a 1 hour video and photo shoot for German Magazines and TV special featuring several German supermodels competing in sports related events in Thailand. The producers chose Tiger Muay Thai because  they heard in Germany we were the #1 camp in Thailand. Check out some of the photos and see how the Supermodels get these two Muay Thai warriors to actually blush. Go Robert. Go Namphon. Lucky fellows.

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