Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Training Camp, Phuket, Thailand put on an impressive showing Sunday night at Bangla Boxing Stadium, where two fighters came away with victories.

Ploydang, a 28-year-old Thai fighter with over 80 bouts under his belt, quickly took care of his 25-year-old French opponent, Nikko, in the first round. The fight started slow with both men feeling out the other’s combinations before Ploydang made his move.

Towards the end of the first round, the tall Thai gave a strong left kick to Nikko’s head which quickly sent the Frenchman to the floor, the second time he hit the ground in the round.

Just a few fights before, Clarissa Padua put on a show in front of the tourist crowd and won her second Muay Thai fight Sunday night by unanimous decision. The American came out aggressively in the first round, controlling the ring and setting a fast pace for the rest of the fight including catching many of her opponent, Jamjila’s, kicks.

“Before the fight, my corner told me to watch out for her right kick,” the 18-year-old said after the fight.

Padua, who is also a Mixed Martial Arts fighter, went punch-for-punch with Jamjira, a veteran of over 26 fights, early in the second round. The American would make her opponent fall three times in the second before beginning a flurry of knees in the third round.

Seemingly at will, Padua would get Jamjira in a clinch with come up with punishing jabs to her face. The MMA side of the American started to show in the fifth round, when her footwork changed and she began to land several big swings with the intent to knock Jamjira down.

“ I just wanted to finish her and take her on the ground,” Padua said, “I just had an MMA fight about two weeks ago. I was thinking about my movement, but then my corner said to keep going forward.”

Earlier in the night, TMT fighters lost their fights with 18-year-old Burmese international Kaichon losing by decision. Russian native Sergei Gazembiler, a 25-year-old making his debut, lost in the fourth round by TKO.