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Fitness Area

The fitness classes at TMT are some of the most popular activities that guests take part in at Tiger. Everyone is rewarded by more than a great workout, but an experience of accomplishment by overcoming their physical limits

The about 400m² en-covered space, located in the middle of camp is where the fitness classes here at Tiger take place. This area is equipped with the wide and various exercise equipment necessary for the diverse demands of the guests at Tiger. From barbells, dumbbells, kettle-bells, power cages, gymnastic rings, plyo-boxes, prowler track, medicine balls, Concept2 rowers, the fitness area at Tiger Muay Thai has got you covered!

Did you know the Fitness Area is up for a total renovation in the months to come!? Please keep an eye out for more information and updates.

Classes held in this area:

Some photos from the Fitness Training Area: