Desert Force Fighter Tarek Suleiman is back at Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp once again in preparation for his upcoming fight in Desert Force 13 in Abu Dhabi on August 25, 2014 against Mahmoud Salama.

Tarek trains out of Manic Factory Gym in Lebanon but comes to TMT for fight preps due to the stressless atmosphere that makes him focus more on his upcoming fight.

“The coaching staff is top notch for me and I believe it’s one of the best coaching staff in the world. I also don’t have to worry about food as the Tiger Grill provides my needs. It is my home away from home because of everyone’s hospitality and I Thank Tiger for making me being able to compete as such a high level sport.”

Suleiman first came to Tiger back in 2013 as he felt the need to step up his game to prepare for a title fight in Desert Force.

” I want to make myself a better fighter so I searched online and I found Professor Fernando Maccachero’s BJJ Program so I contacted Tiger and told them my intentions of making it my fight camp.I came back because I have fallen in love with the program. I feel like it’s my family.. “tiger Familia”.

Tarek was into competitive swimming before getting a taste of martial arts at 16. A friend invited him to try a boxing class which turned out to be 4 years of intense training for him. He then got into BJJ and ended up training for a couple of months while still training boxing/ kickboxing. B

His team at Tiger and home town gym inspires him as a fighter. His brothers at TMT “Team Banter” also gives him the emotional charge that keeps him pushing and training harder.

” They are basically my family. Thank you also to Roger Huerta who is my mentor and my coach. He inspires me a lot. He is my brother and I see a bright future for me because of him. Thank you also to Muscle Bar for helping me with my weight cut journey.”

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