Dave Menne at Tiger Muay Thai and MMAIf you were at Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp in the last two months while Dave Menne and Roger Heurta were here training, you could tell that Menne still had that drive as was pushing himself in training to become stronger and faster and in much better shape.

Menne pushed himself in Muay Thai training sessions working his Muay Thai techniques. (See Video below of Menne working clinch with Kru Moo)

Menne won his return to the cage fight over Adrian Miles at Mayhem in Minneapolis.

“No, I’m not dead yet,” Menne told MMAWeekly.com with his usual dry sense of humor. “I’m still breathing and kicking and running.

“I’m just getting back into it, feeling how my body and seeing how things worked, and it seemed like things they worked well. I went in there and took care of business.”

“I want to thank all my sponsors, Aqua Night Club, Tiger Muay Thai and all the fans who have stayed with me,” he concluded. “To the fans, get out there and make some noise, so they can let promoters know that they want me on the card.

“Get the word out, every little bit helps. If I get the call for something, I’m going to take it.”

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