Dana White comes to the rescue!A Christmas time miracle that saved a life!

Witnessing the amazing amount of support people have had for former Lumpinee Champion and Tiger Muay Thai instructor Kru Rattanachai has been amazing.  His 7 month old daughter was in a life-or-death medical situation that requires a liver transplant from one of the parents.  Long story summarized, the bill came to over 1.5 million THB…almost 50,000USD$.  With 4 weeks given as the babies life expectancy a street team hit the streets looking to raise the money.

Grainne Farrell, Will Ellliott (Tiger Muay Thai), Jimmy Irvine, Anna Galbraith, Aurore Lauzeral and Cathal Farrell have worked very diligently with local businesses, community leaders, and out reach programs to organize several fundraising events.  Having already raised over 10,000USD in 4 days…it was both relief and shock when the support team organized in conjunction with Tiger Muay Thai got the word from the Ulitmate Fighting Championship that it’s president Dana White would cover any remaining funds needed for the medical procedures.

The wonderful thing about Dana’s donation that it takes the ‘pressure of saving a life’ off of the volunteer workers.  Everyone involved has decided they are going to continue with the next couple of fundraising events in an effort to bring awareness to their cause and help off set any future medical expenses for Tuptim.

Dana White’s generosity was remarkable literally making him part of the Tiger Muay Thai family forever.

Tiger Muay Thai wants to thank the entire global community for their support of Nai during his time in need. Donations have already came in from over 10 different countries really showing the global networking done for Kru Rattanachai. During the following weeks there will be several other fundraising events to help off set future medical expenses, to get an update on that information check out the link below.


Next time you see Dana White do TMT a favor and thank him for his generosity.  His donation literally answered an entire island’s prayers and he deserves to hear thanks everyday for the rest of his life 🙂