img_3760Sometimes it is nice to recognize a special guest at the training camp that leaves a lasting impression on the people he meets.

Tiger Muay Thai and MMA would like to Thank Matthew Semper for the time he spent at the camp training, losing weight, dieting, and conditioning and fighting.
Living his dream of being a prize fighter and learning Muay Thai, from the 5-Points Martial Arts school in NYC, USA, Matthew lost a total of 70 pounds and fought in several fights in Patong and at TMT’s BBQ Beatdowns.
Matthew has promoted the camp to many of his friends that are coming from NYC to TMT in Thailand and he will be returning in a few months as well.
From all of us here at TMT: Thanks Matthew. It was a pleasure having you at the camp and we look forward to your return.

Matthew Semper with friends and family at Tiger Muay Thai, Phuket, Thailand

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