claire-titleTiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp fighters from Phuket, Thailand went 1-2 at The 2009 Queen’s Cup Muay Thai Championship fights on August 12, 2009, in Sanam Luang park in Bangkok, Thailand.

claire-kickIn a turn of events, Claire ended up facing Tiger Muay Thai fighter Chantal, former WPMF 67.5 kg champion, as Chantal trained in Bangkok for the fight and cutting weight down to 63.5 kg.

Claire scored a 4th round TKO as the referee stopped the fight at the end of the 4th round with Claire far ahead on points. Using her speed and aggressive technique, Claire was able to counter Chantal’s strong clinch and stay mostly on the outside attacking Chantal, the taller fighter, with quick leg kicks and strong punches to the midsection.

cyrus-headkickIn the first fight and last fights of the evening, Cyrus and Jonny lost title shots when they took fights against more experienced opponents looking for upsets. Both Cyrus and Jonny seemed to be the crowd favorites but came up short.

Jonny took an exceptionally hard fight against Caga from Brazil that had 3 X as many fights as Jonny against higher level competition.

Despite the difference in experience, Jonny’s Bangkok style of move forward and attack your opponent taught by Ajarn Kay had the crowd cheering for Jonny that took everything his opponent had and kept stalking and pushing the tempo of the fight.

Jonny suffered a cut in the first round from an elbow, and by the 4th round the referee was worried about the cut and Jonny behind on points stopping the fight.

jonny-qcCyrus suffered a tough loss as his attacking style left him open as he caught a knee from the clinch and went down hard in the first.

Not to be deterred, Cyrus already has another fight scheduled and is taking the loss in stride and the big fight as a learning experience.