Chantal Ughi Fights for WPMO Women’s Muay thai Championship for Tiger Muay thai @ King’s Cup celebration, Bnagkok, Thailand Dec 4-6

TMT: How does it feel as a women in Thailand training at TMT and fighting for the World Title at the most prestigious Muay The event in the Kingdom of Thailand?

Chantal: I really like  training at Tiger Muay Thai. Unlike other gyms being a woman training in Thailand it’s not a problem.
The staff and the trainers are very friendly yet professional and we do have access to all the rings for pad work, clinch and sparring. I have experience training in other more traditional gyms around Thailand and I like Tiger Muay Thai the best especially being a woman.
It will be an honor for me fighting for a World Title at one of the most prestigious events in the Kingdom of Thailand, the Kings Cup.
TMT: How has your preparation been going at TMT.
Chantal: My preparation has being going quite well. The trainers have been pushing me really hard which is good and In the last week I have improved my cardio with 5/6 k. runs. I have been also sparring and clinching with guys more which is good for me to better my skill levels especially in the clinch.
I like clinching with Johnny. He is very strong and has good technique. And I like sparring with Nan and Laura.
TMT: Has there been a trainer that has stood out in preparing you for your fight?
Chantal: Kay has been pushing me quite hard and screaming at me whenever I drop my hands.
I like doing pads with Bernung though. He always makes you do double kicks.
Sometimes It’s good to do small pads with Robert to correct your technique.
And Prathet is also very good for technique classes.
TMT:Are you nervous to be fighting in front of 500,000 people and on every Tv station in Thailand?

Chantal: Yes, i am a bit nervous if I think about it, maybe I should just take it as a regular event and like Ray said, it’s gonna be fun.
TMT:How does it feel to be representing your country and TMT fighting during the celebration of the King of Thailand’s Birthday in the heart of Muay Thai?
Chantal: It makes me proud and honored. It was one of my dreams to be fighting at the Kings Cup and the Queen’s Birthday in Thailand…
Now I just have to go back to work, train hard, avoid injuries and think about winning.
Thank you. I am excited to have this opportunity.