Promoters approached Tiger Muay Thai asking for two of our best foreign fighters be invited to the prestigious King’ Cup Muay Thai Fights in Bangkok, Thailand December 4-6.

Cyrus Washington

Chantal, already the Patong Woemn’s Champion and undefeated while fighting in Thailand will be fighting on TV and in front of 100,000’s of spectators at the King’s Cup Celebrating the King of Thailand’s Birthday, the longest reigning Monarch in the world.

Chantal Ughi

Recently, Chantal fought 3 times in Italy in IFMA and WTKA fights winning all three times. In Bangkok, for the title, she will face WMC Champion Karlee from Australia.

Besides being a rising professional Muay Thai fighter Chantal Ughi is an accomplished actress having worked on a number of European film productions for the last six years. Check out here Movie Clips!!!
Chantal recently won the gold medal representing the country of Italy at the Amateur
Princes Cup Tournament held in Bangkok Thailand. She is looking to continue her career as a professional Women’s Muay Thai fighter and looks to compete on a bigger stage: The Most prestigious event in Thailand: The 2008 King’s Cup Muay Thai Fights featuring some of the best men and women Muay thai fighters across the globe.

Chantal has had significant film roles in such features as:

*Traveling Companion
(Competition @ Cannes International Film Festival, New York film Festival),
*Growing Artichokes in Mimongo,
(Italian awards David di Donatello Award winner),
*But We Only Made Love, Albania Blues, Not Of This World,
(AFI Los Angeles Film Festival Audience Award Winner– Montreal World Film Festival Winner—United Artists Union Square 14th Release)
*Love in The Mirror
(starring Peter Stormare).

My Right Hand is her first film as a director with which she won an Award for Best Short
Film of 1999 at the Brooklyn International Film Festival in New York.

Director’s filmography:
My Right Hand (1999), Voices Underground (2003), Wax Poetic Beauty (2006), Swing Swing (2006)

Cyrus is an explosive fighter with a style and skill that is hard for any fighter to handle.We are waiting on info from promoter on which of 3 fighters Cyrus will be facing for the title. Cyrus will use his combination of Muay Thai, Tae Kwin Do and Jeet Koon Do to take out his opponent. Cyrus has gained quite a reputation in his fights for his explosive attacks including spinning kicks, flying knees and elbows.

Cyrus has a 6-2 record in Phuket and recently traveled to Russua to fight in his first sanda competition against a Russian Champion losing a close decision.

Good Luck to both Fighters @ this prestigious event.

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