Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp fighters went 1-1 at Patong last night as Cadren (Australia) took a fight on 3-days notice against foreigner from Bangkok Gym and made short work of Shadwave using superior technique and conditioning to win the stadium title. Cadren trains hard at TMT and looked god from the opening bell really using “Techniques 101” learned in technique and training programs at Tiger Muay Thai. Going low then high; strong tip kicks, and hard follow-up combinations. Good looking young fighter.

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Cadren wins WPMO Stadium Title

Nazee accepts fight against heavyweight after opponent pulls out of fight

Nazee just smiled when they asked him to face a strong veteran Muay Thai fighter 15+ KG heavier than Nazee. Training hard for last month preparing for a fight against #3 ranked Rajdamnoen contender, Nazee was asked to fight a “Rhino” of a fighter 3 weight classes above him. Nazee just smiled and siad “let’s fight.”

Nazee ooked good. he threw everything at the heavyweight he had: spinning back elbows, jumping elbows, power leg kicks, and jumping knees, but in the end, the judges handed the bigger and much stronger fighter the drcision after 5-hard rounds that had the crowd cheering for Nazee. Nazee is a true Muay thai warrior at heart and a fantastic instructor as many TMT guests showed up to cheer him on.