braydenFrom his first time at Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp, Phuket, Thailand, Brayden Summers has been training, saving, and waiting for his return to join Team Tiger Muay Thai and MMA.

Brayden is back and featured in an article in New Era Fighter Magazine, Australia talking about training and what it takes in heart, desire, discipline of body and mind to make it in the world of Full Contact Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai and Team Tiger Muay Thai and MMA.

The article in the interesting new and full color magazine concentrates on Caveman training Full Contact Fitness and what it takes to be “Fighting Fit.”

Brayden will get plenty of that as a member of Team TMT as he will be going full speed working in the fighters program in Muay Thai, MMA Advanced Program with coach Ray Elbe, and Boot Camp and Weight-lifting with Randy and Peter “Thai Hulk”

“Brayden is going to get a chance to prove himself and shots at international and ESPN fights in MMA as a part of Team TMT. He will get better as an individual but he will also help the team improve,” said TMT G.M. Will Elliot.