Two professional fighters are calling Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Training Camp in Phuket, Thailand home for the next month as they prepare for their respective bouts.

Don Madge with TMT Director Will Elliott

MMA fighters Shannon “One Shin” Wiratchai, a 23 year-old Thai national, and Don “Magic Man” Madge, 21, of South Africa, arrived recently with the intent on working with TMT’s stable of world class trainers, including Roger “El Matador” Huerta and countless Muay Thai legends.

This is the fourth visit to TMT for Don “Magic Man” Madge as he prepares for his next Extreme Fighting Championship fight in Africa on October 19. The Cape Town native is only 21 years-old, but has over 20 Muay Thai fights under his belt and was ranked # 2 by the World Professional Muay Thai Federation.

“I’m going to try to get in as much wrestling training as I can. I wrestle at home, but training with a guy like (TMT Trainer) Roger (Huerta) is once in a lifetime. I also want to polish my Muay Thai,” Madge said.

Madge held the AMCO Bangla Boxing Stadium title, was a Thai Ambassador Cup Champion, voted the “Best Foreign Fighter in Phuket” in 2010, and was twice a champion in K-1 and Muay Thai in South Africa. He will be looking to refine his fighting game to improve on his 1-1 MMA pro record.

“I really like the facilities, the people, I always feel real at home (at TMT),” Madge said.

Meanwhile, Wiratchai (2-0) is preparing for his fight at ONE FC: Pride of a Nation event on August 31 in Manila, Philippines. Aside from being a black belt in Judo and an expert in the Chinese martial art of Baguazhang, Wiratchai is also one of the few fighters from Thailand who competes professionally in MMA.

“I chose this place because they have many pro fighters here that can help with my training,” Wiratchai explained. “Coming from Bangkok where different places have different training, it’s good that TMT has many classes in the same place which is good.”

“Thai people don’t know much about MMA. They just see the UFC. I would love to try and educate more people here about MMA. I get a lot of support from them and one day I’d like to see MMA be on par with Muay Thai here.”