A fitness inspiration to thousands all over the world and an Instagram Celebrity with more than 200,000 followers, she’s none other than one of Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp’s BodyFit and Cross-Training Coaches, Aurora LZ.

Aurora was born in Toulon, South of and have gone globetrotting at a young age of 6.

“ I was lucky to be able to travel with my family. I spent a year in England and I have spent six years in Rio De Janeiro Brazil ”

She has also spent her time at TMT as a guest and a Muay Thai fighter last 2009 before becoming one of the current fitness coaches.

Before she got involved in her field of work, she’s always been involved in physical activities coming from a family who’s always involved in sports.

“ I come from an active family so we were always practicing some kind of sport”

She also has a passion for photography

“ I really love to take random pictures of life, nature and the environment in all its forms”

When it comes to music,

Aurora loves to listen to Punk Hardcore Music.

“ Punk Hardcore Music literally saved my life when I was Anorexic and also suffering from Bulimia for three years. I used this music for training and it keeps me going.”

And yes our fitness instructors also enjoy cheat days and her favorite cheat meal is thin crust pizza which is still partly healthy.

“The Thing is, I got used to eating so healthy that anything sugary or fat just makes me feel a bit sick”

She led the way to her own healing. From sick to winning body-building competions! She placed 5th in the Model Division of Musclemania Paris 2012. She also won 2nd place in Figure Division of Musclemania 2013 and 2nd place at Bodygear Cup 2013.

Not only does she do body-building competitions, Aurora also has a 4-0 Professional Muay Thai record.

So what motivates Aurora in bringing out the best in her?

“ It doesn’t matter what level I am at. I will always just strive to get better. I am also inspired by all those amazing fit women around the world that are not scared to show their amazing physiques despite negative criticisms such as fit women looking too masculine like Dana Lynn Bailey, Erin Stern, Nicole Wilkins and so many more. It also doesn’t matter how slow you go as long as you do not stop. You have to start somewhere”

When asked why she loves to teach, here is also what she has to say…

“ I love teaching people because I can share with them my experience as a former unhealthy person and help them get into a fitter life and lifestyle. Being fit is not only about looking good but mostly about feeling good”

“ We used to run, jump and climb on top of the highest trees but society managed to make us forget that. I am here however to remind you of what everything your body is capable of. Your body can do amazing things. You just have to convince yourself, your mind that you can!”

Say hi if you see her around the camp and she can help you with your diet whether it is to lose weight, or gain mass and also strength, bodybuilding, fat loss, endurance, explosiveness coaching.

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