Biggest Loser Asia contestant working with (FTFM) “Fighting the Fat man” showed up at Tiger Muay thai and MMA training camp for a “workout” day for gary to get “smashed” by worling out in our Muay Thai training program and being filmed for a Discovery Channel special to br aired in the short future.

Tiger Muay Thai and MMA was happy to help a gave Gary a “Smashing” workout on film running him through a somewhat typical training session with our Muay Thai Instructor.

Gary is working with FTFM and continues his work from Biggest Loser Asia to stay in shape. FTFM covers all topics of what is needed to watch your weight and stay fit, including breaking down caloric content of meals made in Thailand, the best foods to eat and what type of workouts are most beneficial to maintaining a healthy eating and exercise lifestyle.

The first episode filmed at tiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp, Phuket, Thailand and FTFM will continue filming at different locations showing what it takes to get in shape and stay in shape with a healthy life style.
In This Issue
The Food Crime
“The Time”
Workout Of the Day
Chef Jacks

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Gday Nathan!

Welcome to the VERY first FTFM Army! newsletter 🙂

We’re SUPER-STOKED to have you as part of our inner-circle, and we’re REALLY excited to be able to show you EXCLUSIVE videos before anyone else gets to see them. We promise to also give you behind the scenes footage and a few cheeky bloopers too (although they MIIIIGHT have to be “beeped” quite a few times – especially when Garry goes off at Nayf The Guv!!

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Garry & Nayf The Guv

The Food Crime
Now in the first episode coming up, as both the Boys live on the tropical island paradise of Phuket, we thought it would be cool to show you guys how many calories were in some of OUR fave Thai dishes.

First off the rank is the THAI GREEN CURRY (YUM!!!)

Now UNFORTUNATELY, once Nayf The Guv left Garry at the Reggae Bar – Garry got off the wagon in a BIG WAY! Not ONLY did he wolf down the Thai green curry …but quite a few beers and a looooad of other food seemed to find their way into Garry’s belly!

How many calories did Garry end up consuming in his ONE sitting?

…we’ll show you on the show 😉
…and “The Time”
OK, so throughout the show, the Boys will aim to show you all that there are NO SUCH THINGS AS “GOOD” OR “BAD” FOODS! Seriously! Even Nayf The Guv likes beer and pizza! Now THAT said though, the Boys want to show you how much effort is involved in burning off meals you might eat on a regular basis. The trick is to aim for more nutritionally-better foods most of the time, with treats being just that: Treats you have SOME of the time!

So when Garry does the food “crime”, he has to do “the time” – and usually, Nayf The Guv has something in store that will surprise both Garry and yourselves!

Now in our first episode, (and we’re telling you Inner-Circle FTFM Army! peeps FIRST), Nayf called up his friends at Tiger Muay Thai camp and asked Will the Guv THERE, if Will could smash the calories off Garry by putting him through a gruelling one-hour Muay Thai training session with a REAL Muay Thai champion!

Naturally, Garry got SMASHED! (and Nayf was caught giggling at one point!)

We’ll have some EXCLUSIVE footage of this that we’ll send you the link to later this coming week!

One of the REALLY cool things about what Garry and Nayf the Guv are doing, is that they are going to show you how YOU can perform some workouts in the comfort of your own home, or just about anywhere APART from the gym!

Let’s face it – life’s too short to be working out in the gym – especially when you have STUNNING beaches, or you have a living room equipped with a sofa and chairs – these are ALL things that can be turned into a “gym” for you to workout with – and burn off calories and get into GREAT SHAPE.

And you know what? It’s Garry and Nayf’s aim to make you LOOK GOOD NAKED!! Whether you want to look a foxy little minx in a slinky dress, or whether you want to be buff under that shirt – when the clothes are off, we want YOU to be super-confident and with a smile on your dial 😉

SOOoooo…. we have A VERY VERY EXCLUSIVE VIDEO for you right NOW! It’s our first one, and it’s still being finalised, but we’d LOVE your feedback if that’s ok? As always, send your feedback to [email protected]

Click >> HERE << for the Workout Of the Day!!
Chef Jacks
Lastly, at the end of the show, the GAWJUSSSss Chef Jacks cooks up a storm for Garry – each week she’ll be showing him (and you guys!) how to prepare a healthier version of the “Food Crime” Garry commits! In this first upcoming episode, we show you how to prepare Chef Jacks’ version of the Thai green curry – and we EVEN have the full recipe appearing on our website later this coming week for you too!

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And that people, is THAT!

We’re beavering away on the site, and our resident web ninja Paul is coming up with something pretty special for early this coming week. We have not ONE, but TWO Eva’s – Aussie Eva and Eva The Enemy (looong time suffering girlfriend of Nayf The Guv!) – both Eva’s are design and video editing gurus. Finally, we have AWESOME original music for the show composed by Brenton – he’s in a band and even has his own recording studio dontchaknow?! Together, we’re all aiming on bringing you a REALLY FUN 22-minute programme that will make you giggle, make you think and (gosh!) maybe even slimmer than when you started watching it! Yay!


Garry, Nayf The Guv, Chef Jacks and Team FTFM