It was a 1-1 evening for TMT as Autumn hale, randy’s wife, entered the Muay Thai ring in her first fight against Women’s Muay Thai fighter Dea (5-4) @ patong stadium on November 6, 2008. Autumn, in her first fight and bigger than Dea had the decided advantage in overall strength which the Thai tried to counter using clinch and knees, but Autumn’s stiff jab and solid knees of her own forced the referee into stopping the fight in the 2nd round as Autumn began to overwhelm the more experienced but smaller Thai.

In what was a loss, buta good fight, jason went 5-rounds with former Kings Cup fighter Ismael. Showing better conditioning, technique, and skill level, the fighter from bangkok could still not KO jason as jason took everything he had and kept moving forward but lost on points. This was a bit of a mismatch in skill level, but jason had the size advantage and height. Just goest to show, it is not always the bigger fighter that wins. But TMT was proud of jason for being able to go 5-rounds with the skilled foreigner and hold his own after a months training at TMT.

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