Attention current, past and future Tiger Muay Thai guests. We’re experiencing problems with the website, the problem is caused because our hosting provider retired the server we’ve been hosted on for the past few years and moved the site to a new server. Something happened during the move that caused the problem and its unfortunately out of our control!

The website have had some downtime when it hasn’t been unable to access it, an significant slowdown in loading time is also experienced! On top of this some om the images might a not show as expected!

We’re in conversation with the hosting company trying to shed light on the matter, in the meantime take a look at our other picture, video and testimonial sites, Fighting Thai, Tiger Muay Thai TV and Island Muay Thai.

For any questions/booking or other matters please email us at [email protected]

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Pleases bare with us! We’re apologizing for this and the inconvenience it might cause and are doing everything we can on our part to minimize the problem!