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ATTENTION! Phuket & Tiger Muay Thai Unaffected by the Martial Law Situation in Bangkok!


bangkok-is-safeWe want to address everyone’s concerns about the issues going on in Bangkok at this time! Due the last six months of street protests in Bangkok Martial Law has been declared by the military to prevent further violence and to return peace and order to the streets of Bangkok.

Martial Law basically means that the military is in control, that might sounds a bit more serious than it really is. This has been done to deter opposing protesters from clashing. The army is considered removed from politics and hence seen as impartial, they are loyal to the King. It’s a simplification but it means everything is safer in Bangkok then before.

And as usual and the same as for all the latest political situations that has been going on in Bangkok, it is business as usual in Phuket. It is pretty much the same for all beach resorts and tourist destinations within Thailand, they have not been affected by the situation and the airports and other transportation systems are running as normal.

Everything is fine in Phuket, the turmoil is limited and confined to Bangkok, read more about the situation here:

Sun still shining in Phuket despite Martial Law
Phuket Govornor: “No need to worry about Martial Law”
What does Martial Law in Thailand means?

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