We all know going to the gym and getting exercise is healthy. But what about sauna benefits? How can sweating and not being active be good for us?

Often referred to as the poor mans pharmacy, The sauna has been a part of many cultures for generations. In European Nordic countries there are saunas constructed in almost ever home, for instance countries such as finland. In North America, natives constructed sweat lodges which traditional healers often took their patients to be treated using heat source and medicinal plants.

Saunas are traditionally small rooms that have been constructed to create and enclosed experience of dry or wet heat. This exposure to steam and heat cause the attendee of the sauna to perspire. There are generally two forms of saunas; the conventional which warm the air and infared which warm objects.


It is with little surprise that the most convincing study done on the sauna benefits was conducted in Finland on Finnish men, 2,300 to be exact. For one year researchers kept a close watch on the subjects for the year of 2011. What they discovered was the higher frequency and length of sauna duration was directly connected to a lowered risk of heart problems. The results of men in this study who regularly used a sauna reduced their risk of cardiovascular-related fatalities by 49%. That is pretty darn impressive.

Much like exercise increases the pulse of your heart as well as increase of sweat, sauna has the same effect in this as mid level exercise does. Though most can relate that you tend to sweat more in 80-100 degree celcius temperature than working out in a nicely air conditioned gym.


Sauna benefits come from the act of sweating more so than the heat that causes it. Most of us who had the lightest of health engagement growing up only relate to sweating as evidence that it was either hot or a workout has commenced. Either way there was a need to replenish fluids. This is not wrong but there is more to learn about how we can improve through the act of sweating.

  1. Sweat glands assist in the healing of wounds – you read that correctly. The eccrine sweat glands exist in the millions on our skin and contain adult stem cells that are crucial to the healing of wounds.
  2. Sweat acts as an antibiotic – If you fall of a motorbike you might need some of that antibacterial ointment. But general if you have a small injury, or scratch, our sweat acts as an antibiotic with agents like dermcidin, which kill off any potential infections.
  3. Rids our bodies of Toxins – If you have ever felt bloated, hungover, or just plain run down from exposure to toxic food, products, cholesterol, excess salt or even alcohol. Getting your sweat on will help release a lot of those toxins. Think about the longevity you would create in your life if you were consistently flushing these toxins out. You would be surprised how many toxins can be discovered in the release of sweat that don’t even show up in blood or urine.


  • Relieve stress
  • Cleanses the skin
  • Relaxes muscles as well as soothes pains and aches
  • Fights illness
  • Improves cardiovascular performance
  • Induces deeper sleep
  • Burns calories
  • Induces a deeper sleep

Overall Saunas are a key component to a healthy lifestyle that should not be overlooked. Sure you can work up a great sweat in a gym or at a class, even at a park, but under the high heat provided by the sauna our body releases some incredible endorphins that are critical to our well being as well as effectively flushes out the toxins of everyday life.

I hope you found this article on Sauna Benefits Just Might Help You Live Longer helpful.

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