Flu Season is upon us in many areas of the world. Here are some great natural ways to prevent or fight the flu this year.


There are so many over the counter medications you can get from the pharmacy, some of which are great at addressing the symptoms in the short term. But how effective they work and at what cost to our health with ingredients that fill us up with toxins is the real question. Lets look at some natural ways to prevent and fight the flu this year.



According to a study in 2010, it was discovered that Vitamin D is a very effective way to fight influenza. Children who supplemented with vitamin D were 42% less likely to come down with the flu. There are plenty of over the counter supplements you can buy for vitamin D. However the best source is to get outside and soak up some sunshine for 15 mins a day. Not saying to stare at the sun, but it helps to absorb the light without sunglasses too.


If you are reading this too late and you are already caught up in the flu, not to worry. Fermented foods containing probiotics have been found in studies to reduce fever by up to 73%, coughing up to 62% and runny noses up to 59%. Definitely something to consider before racing off to the pharmacy to purchase antibiotics that reduce this helpful gut flora.


A study conducted at carnagie mellon found that those who were experiencing higher levels of stress were twice as likely to come down with the flu. Chronic stress can play a major factor on our epigenetic health turning off genes that reduce the influence of flu symptoms. A lot of us get extra stress during the holidays. Worrying about family, friends, holiday presents, work, and all sorts of other troubling factors. But thinking about it all night and losing sleep only lines us up to factor in more stress. Something that will pour on regret once the sneezing starts up. So get those 8 hours of sleep every night or if not find time to get a nap in during the day. However you break up your rest make sure it stacks up to 8.


For years garlic as been popping up as a natural remedy to many ailments. The reason is when garlic is crushed or cut, generates a sulfur compound known as allicin which is a powerful antiviral. But only factored in when it is in raw form. Once you start cooking that garlic it loses its power. So if you want to add it to food, perhaps sprinkling it in at the end to keep it as close to raw as possible will maintain its awesome flu fighting power.


In a 2005 study in Canada, researchers gave a test group either a placebo or 400 milligrams a day of Ginseng. The group that got the Ginseng caught considerably less colds and flu’s then the placebo group. This was then repeated with the same conclusion again in a University of Connecticut study.

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