cure for hangover

The New Year is upon us and like many who try to stay under the radar of the bar crowd the urge might be too much to resist. So how can we reduce the inevitable hangover to follow?

Lets just say we skip past the usual water rotation every other drink and the best way to avoid a hangover is to avoid alcohol all together. I am also going to leave out Hair of the Dog, even though I do see it as an effective solution. Although not natural.  Lets just suppose you went out had fun, had a few wobbly pops and now the world of hangover is creeping in and you are afraid to face the horrible music that will always follow a night of loud mouth soup.


Lets just get the most obvious candidate for natural cures out of the way, water. When we drink our kidneys are stimulated to excrete more water than we consume which results in dehydration. Drinking 8-10 glasses morning of hangover will help rehydrate you and place you on the road to recovery.


Not the healthy solution but lets say you fell of the wagon one night and not looking for a re-occurring cure for hangovers on a nightly basis. Your blood sugar is likely low and some starchy foods and carbs will definitely help as a pick me up. This will also likely settle your stomach.


That soul crushing headache you have had all morning. That is your brain screaming for potassium. Give it what it wants and it will go away.


Sounds good for breakfast but also sounds good as a cure for hangover. The eggs have an amino acid called cysteine that will reduce the effects of acetaldehyde, a nasty side effect of alcohol.


I am so not kidding. There are two groups this stuff gets sold to the most, mothers of infants and college kids. This very same baby formula is packed so full of vital nutrients, minerals, and vitamins your liver will be doing a backflip to rid the sauce you drank the night before.


This is a go to for detox of any hangover but detox in general as well. This is a huge liver boosting supplement that will kick your recovery into overdrive. Might want to keep it in the roster of regular nutrients after too. Good stuff to keep around.


Both of these are highly alkaline and will boost the flow of blood as well as assist your kidneys and liver in processing all those jager shots from the night before. Watermellon is the better bet as its mostly water and highly alkaline so you won’t be loading up too much on fructose. But lemon is just as effective.

I hope you found this article on Natural Remedies to Cure Hangover helpful.

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