Kaela "Tiger" Banney

At Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Camp, we empower anyone who have the passion
for maximizing athletic potential regardless of age, gender, or athletic background,

At 17 years of age, Kaela “Tiger” Banney made her way to Tiger Muay Thai to hone her skills in MMA and Muay Thai. She has had 5 MMA Fights and 5 Muay Thai Fights.

She is a hard little worker and the Coaches at Tiger respect her focus and discipline at a very young age.

Kaela started at the age of 7. Her father got her into Self-defense and Golf at the same time (hence the fight name “Tiger” from Tiger Woods.

” I was only doing a couple of classes a week and participating in Gold but as I got more and more into Martial Arts, I started to really love it and focused on it more. I had my first MMA fight at 14 and fell in love it with.”

Banney’s hobbies mostly involve fitness and nutrition but during her spare time, she loves to design and create art works and she also enjoys cooking.

Her home camp is in Gladstone Martial Arts Australia and she traines under Rob McIntyre.

” The major difference between home and Tiger is the size and range of training styles. Our gym is only a small town gym compared to Tiger and although we are currently expanding and adding more classes to our time table, we do not have the same range of facilities and professional athletes/coaches that Tiger provides. At Tiger there are world class fighters and trainers and it is always great to learn and watch new skills from such high level athletes.”

Kaela found out about Tiger through word of mouth and social media.

” What made me want to come to Tiger was seeing videos of the range of classes they provide, from my favorite combat conditioning class specialized for fighters, to beach sessions and big Buddha runs. I really wanted to improve my wrestling as this is something we do not have much of back home and I know that Tiger offers a great class with Roger and George two very skilled fighters. So my ultimate goal coming here was to improve my overall fitness and especially my MMA/Wrestling and from what I have seen Tiger seemed like the best place to achieve this.”

She is hoping to get an MMA Match soon and we know for sure that she will do great in her weight division.

As a fighter, Kaela is inspired by the discipline and dedication into the sports of Martial Arts.

” I want kids to look up to me like I look up to the top athletes in the sport. I want to be something that people can aspire to strive for. I am inspired by the people around me that I train with everyday.”

Kaela is also an Australian Sports Nutrition Ambassador and is sponsored by Amalgated Pest Control, Beast Inc. and ASN.

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