Have you ever tried cold thermogenesis? Its a great way to kick start your weight loss and many other benefits.

A word of caution before attempting anything written in this article: if you have a serious health condition this may likely not be a move you want to incorporate in your fitness regiment. That being said, lets dive into cold thermogenesis and how it can impact our health in a positive way.


Lets break this down by word. Thermogenesis is the process of heat production in organisms. Cold implies that this thermogenisis is obtained in the presence of a cold factor or environment. You can achieve Thermogenesis through exercise, non-exercise and diet. In this article we will address the non exercise method.

One might think that shivering in cold environments is what generates the heat with muscle twitching but its really the ATP energy production that uses brown adipose tissue to generate the heat. Because brown adipose tissue has a very unique protein that allows he mitochondrial process to dissipate the energy as heat more efficiently. In short, brown fat works better at keeping us warm in cold environments.

By the way, this is Wim Hof. they call him the iceman for a reason. you don’t have to be a wim hof to try cold thermogenesis.



Before each session you should consider eating a high fat/high protein meal and immediately drink a 16-32oz ice cold water. But don’t drink more than that. Also a skin thermometer, and bathroom tub would be ideal as well as a compression tshirt to avoid any cold burns.

With shirt and ice

  • Lay on your back flat
  • with a 20-40 lbs block of ice rested on y0ur torso above compression tshirt
  • extend time 5 mins more until you reach 60 mins
  • once you complete 60 mins you can remove shirt to place ice directly on skin
  • you will notice your skin pink or cherry as well as numb in places

In tub

  • Fill the bathtub with cold water from the tap
  • make sure you are wearing socks, gloves, a cap as well to keep the heat inside your body
  • add 20lbs of ice to your chest or abdomen
  • when your body is sued to the ice you can remove the socks, gloves and cap
  • make sure your skin temp does not fall below 50 degrees
  • you can sty for 45 mins and continue to do 2-5 times a week

Full body Immersion or Wim Hoff method

  • Jump into a pool or lake from the neck down
  • stay 10-20 mins
  • keep an eye on skin color

There are many benefits that go with cold thermogenesis beyond a lower body fat percentage. Like:

  • increase hormone levels
  • reverse diabetes
  • strengthen adrenal function
  • deep sleep
  • super immune function
  • reproductive fitness
  • pain management
  • cut visceral fat
  • and more…

I hope you found this article on Fat Burning With Cold Thermogenesis helpful.

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