If you were to take a guess as to what the most toxic elements you could inflict upon your brain what would they be?

Chances are if you gave it a good think your list was pretty long. But the most toxic substances our brain can come in contact with that cause the most damage can be avoided. This is great because now that we can spot them we can lessen the chance of neurological dysfunctions later in life. Lets take a look at the list of most deadly toxins for the brain.


As we have discussed in previous articles, Fluoride is a very deadly toxin that causes what neurologists call brain sand in the area of the pineal gland which is central to many of our brains functions. In recent time there has been 42 studies that show that fluoridation causes a lower IQ, but that is only the tip of the iceberg called trouble when relating to Fluorides effect on the brain. Such health problems include cancer, heart disease and obesity. All problems that could be drastically avoided or risk reduced if we took great care to reduce fluorides effects on our brain.


Aspartame is the major villain here. The sweetener has been found in so many things from candy bars to mints. Trying to find a diet soda will almost guarantee you will find this brain toxin lurking. It has been linked to many neurological disorders with a history of how it was discovered just as dark. Everything from increased tumor risk, speech problems, migraines, depression to anxiety. This little sweet toxin can run a serious number on the health of your brain.


These can most commonly be found in seafood, mercury fillings, flu shots and many industrial pollutions and chemicals. To avoid these is to reduce risk factors for everything from Parkenson’s Disease, to Alzheimers. Heavy metals can also cause serious neurodevelopmental diseases for newborn babies and fetus’s. This is a high risk for them because they have yet developed the blood brain barrier. This is what keeps most of these heavy metals from impacting our brain as much.


This one is likely everyone’s favorite as it had a big impact in the food industry for years back in the states and many other countries. Its a form of concentrated salt. A flavor enhancer. But really it was and is a deadly toxin on the brain. The reason it went unnoticed for so long is that it is a silent killer. It’s impact really only becomes noticed after some time of exposure. But the effects are almost certain to lead to alzheimers, Parkenson’s Disease or other neurological disorders. So when you are ordering your food from a restaurant or takeout, check to see if they still use Monosodium Glutamate. You may be surprised to find out some of your favorite restaurants just might still have this ingredient kicking around.

I hope you found this article on Deadly Toxins for the Brain helpful.

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