Coconut Water Benefits

There are many coconut water benefits that help to improve our health. Its time to swap out the Gatorade. Coconut water has 4 times as much potassium as bananas and super hydrating.

Here in Thailand coconut water can be found in almost ever restaurant, shop and corner store. It is one of the main reasons the Thai people retain such excellent health and one of the core staples of any athlete training at Tiger Muay Thai.

Specifically when we are discussing coconut water benefits it is important not to confuse the liquid found inside a coconut with coconut milk or oil. Though if you are going to cook with any oil, coconut oil is the way to go as it does not turn carcinogenic when heated up.

Electrolytes are big business in the sports industry.

When athletes push hard in the gym, they lose a great amount of sodium, potasium and chloride through sweat.

The way we train our athletes at Tiger Muay Thai, you are guaranteed to sweat a lot. So it makes sense to refuel the loss of those electrolytes.

Drinking sports drinks after an intense workout can be very bad for your insulin sensitivity as well as your human growth hormone production. All that sugar and sodium just sinks into your blood stream and causes all sorts of problems.

Skipping all the sugar and sodium, you can get the highest source of electrolytes in the most natural way when you crack open a coconut and drink it down post workout.

Sports drinks are known to half half the potassium and five times the amount of sugar. In the long run this can lead to problems like metabolic syndrome. Something you don’t want to encourage.

Coconut water benefits weight loss efforts in a big way. While replenishing your electrolytes you need not worry about high fat content in the least. Or calories for that matter as coconut water generally has 40-60 calories per drink.

The best part is the natural anti-aging effect coconut water has on our bodies. The fact that it is Isotonic to human plasma makes it almost as good as a blood transfusion. Once its in your system it will begin to regulate your blood pressure, cholesterol, digestive health, balance you PH levels, heal your connective tissue and repair injury.

Did I mention it has magnesium too?

Magnesium is responsible for over 300 chemical reactions in the body and most individuals with ailing health are often found to be magnesium deficient. What better way to increase your  levels of magnesium than in a natural food source?

As i mentioned in the beginning of this article that weight loss is definitely a welcomed effect of drinking coconut water. The reason for this is because when your body is dehydrated, your metabolism begins to drop. You want to keep the engine burning well after your workout has finished. So drinking coconut water will help you to do that.

Be sure to drop by the cafe and ask them to crack you open a fresh and delicious coconut!

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