Looking for fat burning foods to add to your diet? Perhaps one that feels like a snack but works like a charm?

Lets face it, no matter what our environment surrounds us with the call to snack is almost always present. Far too often if we are feeling hunger pains in a work environment and have come unprepared a run to the vending machine results in the sort of snacks that will defeat all the hard work we are doing in the gym. So why not add some healthy snacks that will keep the fat burning process going even if we are sitting behind a desk? Lets take a look at some of those foods.


If you are in the surroundings where it is not possible to be crunching away on fat burning foods of the chewing kind, green tea is as good a go to as you will find. Green Tea is well known to contain epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which provides your metabolism with a swift kick, although only temporary. It is an antioxidant which makes better use of the norepinephrine already circulating within our bodies. This will send signals to your body instructing it to begin breaking down fat cells that otherwise would be stored as energy. Sounds like a caffeine buzz, but the kicker is green tea does not contain very much caffeine at all. Although any caffeine found in the tea will only synergize with norepinephrine to boost its fat burning foods effect.


Now we get into the good stuff. The fat burning foods we all love to snack on that we don’t have to trick our taste buds in an effort to be both satisfied and healthy. Peanut Butter is a definite go to for getting rid of that unwanted waistline. Peanut butter is without a doubt a healthy fat as it is a monounsaturated fat which not only helps to increase the health of our hearts as well as decrease bad cholesterol, but works well in boosting the metabolism. Many studies have pointed to peanut butter consumption resulting in an 11 percent increase in burned energy over a 30 week period as compared to those who skip out on this. So grab up those celery sticks and dip away. But be careful it doesn’t contain additives. Go for pure peanut butter or go home.


Want to double the power of that peanut butter? Try adding a scoop to an apple slice. Delicious! We have all heard the nutrition advice to limit our fruit consumption with weight loss goals in mind as fruit contains a good amount of sugar. But eating an apple a day will in fact keep the doctor away and that is why this fruit is on our fat burning food list. For one, apples are high in fiber content which is great for ridding the body of toxins and unwanted body fat as it burns through our system. The other added bonus is that polyphenols found in apples will increase our endurance, strength and decrease bodyfat. Now who doesn’t want a little of that added to the food arsenal?

I hope you found this article on 3 Top Fat Burning Foods to Lose Weight helpful.

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