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Team Tiger BJJ takes 2nd Place all-around (No Gi) @ FBT 2009 Grappling Games


Team Tiger Muay Thai / Bjj headed by coach Ray Elbe captured 2nd place in the all-around No Gi competition at the FBT 2009 Bangkok Submission Grappling Games on September 19-20, 2009.


Novice < 60 Kg Chris Green (TMT) Gold Medal

Novice < 70 Kg Frey Guillaume (TMT) Gold Medal

Novice Absolute Brayden Sommers (TMT) Silver Medal

Novice Absolute Berneung Sakhomsin (TMT) Bronze Medal

Advanced < 90 kg Wiktor Svensson (TMT Gold Medal

Advanced Absolute Wiktor Svensson (TMT) Gold Medal

Elite Division Ray Elbe (TMT) Silver Medal

Tiger Muay Thai wins 2nd Place all-around.

Congratulations to all Team Tiger MMA / BJJ Fighters on a great performance.

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