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2010 FILA Grappling World Champion and TMT alumni wins MMA fight in Switzerland


Tiger Muay Thai Training camp, Phuket, Thailand and MMA Phuket alumni Mats Nilsson, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt was victorious in Geneva, Switzerland.
Coming off a hard fought decision win against Gregor Herb, Germanys no.1 ranked middleweight, back in February Nilsson went on to battle the no.1 ranked Greek middleweight – Niko Sokolis – at Swizz promotion “Strength and Honor” on April 30th.

Well aware of his opponents excellent Muay Thai skills Nilsson, a 2010 FILA Grappling World Champion, wasted no time in taking the fight to the ground. Following a big slam and some ground and pound he transitioned to a triangle choke and got the tap at 1:40 in to the first round.

With the win Mats improved his pro MMA record to 7-1-1 and got a shot at the promotions middleweight title in September.

The fight can be viewed here:

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