Monday night’s (April 30th) bout between 17-year-old Tiger Muay Thai & MMA in Phuket, Thailand’s guest fighter Hirini Marshall and Thai national fighter Roongavi ended with a veritable knock out at Patong Boxing Stadium.

Marshall, making his Muay Thai debut, ended the bout in the middle of the second round with a right cross to the gut that sent Roongavi to the mat. Making the bout more impressive was the fact that Roongavi is 3-years older and a veteran of 35 professional Muay Thai fights.

“I’m excited to have my first win,” Marshall said after the fight, “This was a big confidence booster and I’m looking forward to more fights in the near future.”

In the first round, it was Marshall who went to the mat after slipping while giving a left kick, but quickly recovered. He took some heavy kicks to the head throughout the first round but kept his composure as he gave a good kick to his opponent’s gut quickly thereafter.

“I knew I hurt him,” the New Zealander said, “I kept working on that belly and finally caught him in the second with the straight right.”