January 18th, 2011

Upcoming Tiger Muay Thai and MMA fights: worldwide

Upcoming fights for Tiger Muay Thai and MMAtraining camp, Phuket, Thailand both in-country and worldwide

12 January 2011 @ Bangla Muay Thai Stadium
Anna from Sweden
TMT fighter Samsion.

16 January 2011 @ Bangla Muay Thai Stadium
Arore from France
TMT fighter Palangphet.

17 January 2011 @ Patong Thaiboxing Stadium
Ralph from Australia
Federico from Argentina
TMT trainer/fighter Tanwa

21 January 2011 @ Bangla Muay Thai Stadium
Walker from USA.
Dalia from Egypt.
TMT Trainer/fighter  Nong.

24 January 2011 @ Patong Thai boxing Stadium
Justin from Australia
Matthew from USA.
Mardina from Czech

26 January 2011 @ Bangla Muay Thai Stadium
William from England.
Michael from Sweden
Philipe from Newzealand.

27 January 2011 @ Patong Thaiboxing stadium
ATA from Australia
Arkan from Australia.

In the United States Claire Haigh continues to work as a Muay Thai and MMA fighter. Her current schedule training in USA with Muhsin Corbbrey in Atlanta, Claire will compete in upcoming National BJJ tournaments and has fights scheduled.

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