What do I need to train at Tiger Muay Thai?

At Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp we train 2 X per day in Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts / BJJ. To be prepared to train at Tiger Muay Thai and MMA you will need a minimum amount of equipment to train effectively and cleanly:

Each guest should have:

  • 2+ pair of hand-wraps. You use hand-wraps at each training sessions and will need a clean and dry pair for each training session. Setting your hand-wraps out in the sun to dry without cleaning with a water/bleach solution or anti-bacterial solution is a perfect breeding ground fo bacteria and mold.
  • 1 pair of your own 16oz gloves. (16 oz gloves are needed for sparring sessions in Muay Thai and MMA) We have rented equipment available at gym that is disinfected each day @ 100 baht. At TMT we do not allow shared equipment as recent articles in the sports industry have discouraged the use of shared equipment to prevent the spread of bacterial infections like staph and ringworm. It is also recommended you thoroughly clean your gloves inside and out with bleach/water or “Dettol” anti-bacterial solution afer each session.
  • 2+ pair of Muay Thai shorts or MMA shorts for training. Many guests use several pair and use Muay Thai shorts for MMA training. After each training session, you should hand-wash your shorts in anti-bacterial solution (available at equipment shop in office and local stores). Setting dirty shorts out to dry in sun without washing in an anti-bacterial solution is perfect setting for growth of bacteria which can spread to ther guests. Please have respect for people you are training with. Please wash your shorts or have enough extra pair to launder and have returned so you have fresh pair of shorts for every training session.
  • 1 pair shin guards (optional) but recommended for sparring. It is recommended you thoroughly clean your shin guards after each training session.
  • 1 mouth-guard (recommended) especially if you intend on joining sparring sessions.
  • 1 groin guard (recommended) especially if you intend on joining sparring sessions
  • Several T-shirts, vests, rash-guards. Training in tropical environment leaves you quite sweaty and wearing a t-shirt, vest, or rash guard prevents skin-to-skin contact with other guests and therefore helps prevent spread of bacteria like staph and ringworm from other guests.
  • Personal Towel or rented towel available at office.
  • Running Shoes
  • Water: Keeping hydrated is important during training. Water is readily available from bottled water at Tiger Grill and Protein Bar to 10 liter bottles available to refill freeze and bring to training. Please refrain from drinking from shared water containers and bottles as Doctors suggest this is an easy way to spread bacteria.
  • TMT equipment shop offers anti-bacterial soap and “Dettol” anti-bacterial concentrate for sale that you can soak your hand-wraps, shorts, clothing in to sanitize and send to laundry. A mixture of 10:1 water / bleach is sufficient to sanitize gear and clothing as well.
  • Supplements like Protein powder, BCAA, Glutamine, Multi-vitamins, Gorrila Juice, and Oat Muscle are available in equipment shop and individual fruit and protein shakes along with supplement and Amino drinks are available at Tiger Grill and Protein Bar.

Tiger Muay Thai provides head-guards for use in sparring. Head guards will be cleaned after each use in a training session. Guests are welcome to bring their own equipment or even rent used clean equipment from the equipment shop in office.

Non-Training Equipment to enjy your stay:

  • Camera / Video
  • Lap-top Computer
  • MP3 Player / Ipod
  • Good Books / Magazines
  • Light Clothes / sandals
  • Driver’s License (if you intend on renting scooter)
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