Tiger Muay Thai presents Boxers Detox

For maximum training results

  • If you want to;
  • maximize your training
  • improve stamina
  • reduce recovery time
  • increase energy levels
  • train harder and longer
  • and get multiple general health benefits

…then you need to complete a specially designed Boxers Detox program.

  • Our good friends at Atmanjai Wellness Center offer exclusively to Tiger Muay Thai Training clients;
  • the only detox program designed for people undertaking vigorous physical training
  • great value rates on the Boxers Detox programs

Our key staff use this service annually as part of their health maintenance regime. It keeps us clear, fresh, energized and able to get the most out of training and the other important areas of our lives. We TOTALLY recommend you prepare for your training by taking the Boxers Detox at Atmanjai.

Atmanjai is located at beautiful Friendship Beach and TMT clients on a detox program are welcome to use the guest facilities including beachfront swimming pool.

You only need to be at Atmanjai briefly each day of your program and you will be issued a kit of cleansing herbs and drinks that are simple and easy to self-prepare and consume.

Tiger Muay Thai guests will receive a 10% discount.

If you’re interested in doing a detox please contact us at

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