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Tiger Muay Thai Trainer:
Yod Khunsop Por Pongsawang (PK-1 Champion)

Yod aka Wilek Sornnon is one of the favorite trainers at Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp, Phuket, Thailand. At 33 years of age, Yod has been teaching on and off at TMT for 7 years and has traveled to Sweden, Finland, Japan, and China on teaching expeditions.

Yod has 280+ fights winning 180 and losing 80 and 10 draws.

From the Surin Province in Northern Thailand, Yod has captured the Bangla and Patong titles, along with the PK-1 Championship.

Yod is known for his intense no-nonsense style of teaching and making sure his students understand the proper technique of each move he teaches them.

Yod also speaks English well for teaching Muay Thai. Many guests like Yod for fight preparation as Yod will strike back with the Muay Thai pads forcing you to defend between strikes.

Currently, Yod is also head Muay Thai trainer in the MMA program working with our professional fighters from UFC and Team Tiger MMA fighters.

Trainer videos:

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