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Tiger Muay Thai Trainer:
Kru Phet (Training Manager)

Working for Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp since day 1, Phet Chaimanee is the training manager of the camp and holds a 4-year degree in Business and English as well as being an accommplished Muay Thai trainer. Phet is 27-years-old and is from Sisaket, Thailand.

Phet, retired from Muay Thai early in his career to pursue an education, but has 70 fights and 50 wins and 20 losses including a 4 X Muay Thai University Golden Gloves Champion gold medal winner. Phet started raining Muay Thai at 13 -years of age under his first trainer Sornnarai Singsamkrong.

His fighting name is: Boophet and his favorite food is beef salad. Phet speaks excellent English and rins the Muay Thai training programs at Tiger Muay Thai.

Trainer videos:

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