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Tiger Muay Thai Trainer:
Kru Nong

Name: Nong

Fight Name: Fakanong Saksompol

Age: 30 years

Fight Total 289 fights win 212 loss 72 draw 5

Titles: Issan Champion at 4 weight Classes + South Thailand Champion

Kroo Nong is a highly experienced fighter since he had his first fight at 7 years of age.

He has been fighting across the entire country from Chiang Mai and Issan all the way down to Hat Yai in the South winning the South Thailand Championship.

Kroo Nong is still an active Muay Thai trainer and fighter for Tiger Muay Thai and has excellent skills helping teach guests ring technique. Nong is known for his blinding speed and slashing elbows in the ring and is a virtual highlight reel of stunning Thai boxing KO’s.

Trainer videos:

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