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Tiger Muay Thai Trainer:
Chok Chai (Boxing and Muay Thai Champion)

Chok Chai aka Mr. Boonpeng Klaphayak is a former World Class Boxing and Muay Thai fighter with 12+ years teaching experience in Boxing and Muay Thai in Japan, China, and Thailand.

At the height of his boxing career as P.B.F. Champion, Chok Chai was Thai National Champion as well as Rajadamnern Boxing Champion and fought Manny Paqiou, who is considered pound-for-pound the best boxer in the world.

Chok Chai has 243 Muay Thai fights and 112 Boxing matches.

He is considered one of the finest Boxing instructors in Thailand and highly respected by his peers and one of the finest instructors at Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp, Phuket, Thailand.

Trainer videos:

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