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Tiger Muay Thai Trainer:
Ajarn Rattanachai (3X Lumpinee & World Champion)

Mr. Rattanachai Jadngooluem aka “Nai” is a 3 X Lumpinee Champion at 3 weight classes and World Muay Thai Champion. At 35 years old, Nai has turned his “Doctorate” in Muay Thai into teaching others.

Tiger Muay Thai brought him in from Bangkok where he was master instructor at a small gym.

Nai started fighting at 11-years-old in Bangkok and was soon recognized at one of the best in his weight class by TV and Muay Siam magazine. originally from Nakorn Ratchasima, Nai is a student of Ajarn Saming Noi Yuttakitt, a well respected Muay Thai instructor from Nakornratchasima Camp and Bangkok.

Nai first got into Muay Thai to protect himself at a young age and stopped fighting nafter 200 fights and winning the World Title about 12-years-ago.

Nai is a quiet and reserved instructor that is quick to point out small problems in a guests fighting-style as he comes from the “Bangkok Rules” style of fighters we promote at Tiger Muay thai and MMA Training camp.

Trainer videos:

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