Available Accommodations & Bungalows

Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training camp has a wide selection of accommodations to suit any guests budget.

At the training camp we offer our guests accommodation that are clean, affordable, and convenient. Each standard room comes with a large bed, air-con, wi-fi internet, TV, DVD, cable, hot water shower, wardrobe, and more.

Listed below are some of the many accommodation options available for you to choose from while you’re training with us. All of the accommodation are within walking distance of Tiger Muay Thai have wi-fi internet access and several restaurants, and even a local spa.Located on the quiet road is a wide variety of accommodations from guesthouses, budget rooms, Bungalow resorts from 12,000-16,000 baht a month and premium accommodation or a nice small hotel with nicely appointed rooms. we have Tropical, Standard Deluxe Bungalows, and Thai-style budget rooms or fighter’s rooms.

Take a look at our simplified map over the street Tiger Muay Thai is located on and the nearest accommodation places to get an idea and overview of the different locations.

Available Accommodations:

Tiger Muay Thai Camp 1 Accommodation Type: Standard (on-site)
Tiger Muay Thai Camp 2 Accommodation Type: Deluxe (pool access)
Tiger Muay Thai Camp 3 Accommodation Type: Standard
Tiger Muay Thai Camp 4 Accommodation Type: Deluxe (pool access)
Tiger Muay Thai Camp 5 Accommodation Type: Deluxe (pool access)
Family House Bungalows Accommodation Type: Standard
Baan Tonnam Place Accommodation Type: Standard

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