May 20th, 2009

Fight results from BBQ Beatdown 9 @ Tiger Muay Thai and MMA

Thanks to all the guests that came to BBQ Beatdown 9 @ Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp for a night of smoker fights, UFC showing, and BBQ Buffet.

The entertainment for the night included 2 Muay Thai fights, 2 Boxing matches, and 1 MMA fight.

1. Win (Burma) defeats Wanchoo (Thailand) on points


2. Tony (USA) vs Micheal (Sweden) Michael wins on points.


3. Ash (Canada) vs Darren (Ireland) Match ends in DRAW


4. Matt (Australia) vs Chailee (Thailand) Matt wins by 2nd Round KO


5. Christian vs Kori (MMA Fight) Kori wins by 1st round ref stoppage


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